Redan needs Alicante (5/4)

11 Sep

Team Redan is fully committed to the Dyneema Experience. One of the reasons: we “need” the 2day clinic on the Puma. An other reason is that we want to give something back to DSM Dyneema for the incredible price we already received. A complete new running rigging! This rigging (500+ mtr) is applied by DSM, Lancelin and Rake-Rigging. We use the word “applied” because we received the rigging custom made to our needs and . . . it exceeded our expectation 

                              foto (c) Steven Beers |onesails NL

But again: another story. This post is the 2nd answer to part of Challenge 5: “make clear why you should go to Alicante”. The 1th answer was: “Because we deserve it” see: . This answer explains “Because we need it”.

Team Redan was not always the: “Cup Collecting Dream Team” as recently mentioned by one of our close competitors. We started 12 years ago with a brand new Dehler 39 sailing an occasional Wednesday evening club race with other local cruisers and . . . often we won. So we entered the North Sea Regatta 2004. Results where . . . dramatic  please have a look and scroll down . .. : PM

Old Redan:

After this we licked our wounds and applied the lessons learned. Result 2011 . . .. fantastic  please have a look and don’t scroll down.:  . Nice detail: 5 of the original 1999 crew is still part of Team Redan; including Helmsman, Tactician and navigator . We did not only win the NSR this year but also IJspegel Trophy, Lenco regatta, Round North Holland and finished other races in top 3 position.

And that’s where the “need for Alicante” jumps in. We achieved this performance because we are addicted to competitive, performance, regatta sailing!. We constantly optimize the boat and team performance within the limited (and appreciated) amateur budget. Literally every day optimizations, tactics, crew, competitors etc are discussed. So for Team Redan a clinic on the Puma will be the best gift ever. Sail with the world pro’s on an amazing machine. 

Next year the prestigious Rolex Commodores Cup ( ) is on the planning. This will be a huge international step for Team Redan and we would like to use the clinic on Volvo Ocean 70 Puma to learn as much as possible. To build relations and friends to get Redan a step ahead to start competing on the highest Corinthian level possible: the Commodores Cup.

                                 Downwind start Commoderes cup 2010

Please follow us in the Dyneema Experience. Click the following link and help to get us to the clinic in Alicante:

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