Challenge nr 5/3: Redan for Alicante

5 Sep

This is already the 3rd answer from Team Redan on challenge nr 5 within the Dyneema Experience. The full challenge is: “The 5th Challenge is about wrapping up your (sailing) experiences, reviews, thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes about the Dyneema Experience 2011. Look back to a fantastic sailing season so far and make clear why you should go to Alicante”.

Previous answers covered “reviews, thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes” and also contained a set of recommendations for an eventual next edition of the DE 2012. (Click link to read the answer).

We also answered (some of the) Look Back part in answer nr 2. (Click to read answer).

We now have 3 answers to the question: “Why should Team Redan go toAlicante?” (A so called Rhetoric Question, thank you classic education 😉 This post will describe the first of the 3 answers. 

  1. Because we deserve it
  2. Because we need it
  3. Because we have to straighten something out….

Because we deserve it: The DE is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Team Redan was on the ball from day -1 and is the most active and creative team during the whole (5+2 months) period. During pre-selections we did not only harvest for followers but where already fully exposing our Dyneema multi media potential.

Team Redan was the only contestant with their own DET promotion video on You Tube (at that time (feb/2010) with more hits than the DE official trailer), we recorded a Dyneema song, introduced our mascot “Buneema” and exposed our bid to become a  Dyneema Experience Team member worldwide (Sailing anarchy, Clubracer, Sailreport, Zeilen etc. etc).

As soon as we where selected, we launched an introduction movie to introduce ourselves to the other contestants (only Panther followed that example) and we did not stop after that. Numbers of blog posts, video’s, photos followed. Even Redan-Dyneema boat competes in the virtual sailing world. This boat show a lot of Dyneema/Lancelin/RakeRigging exposure. Many of our ideas where adapted by our fellow contestants.

But…. most proud we are of the fact that we translated our experiences with Dyneema lines in product improvement proposals. Proposals that were adopted by Rake Rigging and directly resulted in the engineering and production of a new type of line at Lancelin. This line is designed to be an optimal genoa sheet: No stretch, strong, flexible, not-knotting, good looking and with sufficient grip around the winch; enabling only 3 rounds around the winch without slip under maximal tension. We tested this spectacular line in the ORC Dutch National Championship and it worked! In our opinion that’s what being a member of the “Dyneema Experience Team” all is about! Apply the Experience and bring Dyneema and the Team further!

                                                         foto (c) Steven Beers |onesails NL

The other 2 answers will follow soon !

Regarding our Real Live Sailing 😉

Redan will start the Zuiderzee Regatta 24 & 25 September followed by the Octoberraces 1 & 2 October and 16 October we will start the 1th out of 20 IJspegelraces. So plenty of line testing to come.

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