Dyneema Experience: Chalenge nr 5 /2: food for thought

28 Aug

Challenge number 5 is in our opinion the best one till now: “Review your Dyneema experience season from I wide perspective”. How did we experience this season combined with the game and what input can you deliver to improve an eventual next version. Food for thought and aLOTto cover, Team Redan was on the ball from day 1: the preselection. How can we cover the 7 month’s of full engagement? Team Redan will deliver 5 answers to try to give an answer to this last Challenge. The first answer was an in depth analysis of the Dyneema Experience from a professional / marketing point of view. This Blog post included a lot of recommendations for an eventual next edition of this great challenge. Not read it yet?  Please go to :


  This is our 2th answer to the Challenge: I was going through the material we recorded during this season. It is not only DE related material but also a lot of Regatta Reports / Delivery reports / Regatta movies/ Pictures /E-mail communication / Face book updates etc.  How can we ever cover all of this?  This is the 1th attempt: no boring slideshows or long video, I tried to bring the season together in just 1 picture !    Please have a look, click on it for a larger picture:

  Highlights for us in this picture are Sailing, Fun , Results, The Dyneema ropes, Rake Rigging, The “Dyneema Song”, Buneema our pink Rabbit, Champagne, Commitment, Virtual Team “Lancelin Dyneema” and more Fun !

I am also thinking of the picture: me behind the PC till the late hours. Delivering 80% of the content in combination with trying to be a good husband and father of 3.8 child (number 4 is almost there 🙂  )  and . . .  a Senior Consulting job. But that will be covered in answer number 3 or 4.  

 We are working on answer nr 3 at the moment so please stay tuned.

 Good winds !

One Response to “Dyneema Experience: Chalenge nr 5 /2: food for thought”

  1. Koen de Boo 6 September 2011 at 11:17 #

    Great thoughts about our team.

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