Team Redan introduces: Team “Lancelin Dyneema”

22 Aug

For Challenge nr 4 we take the Dyneema Experience one step further. We already made a lot of nice compiled movies with several camera’s combined with a theme and good music. Team Redan has penetrated into a new market: virtual sailing ! 53000 potential customers are registered users of Virtual Skipper 5. An on-line sail regatta simulator that takes into account: Polar diagrams, current, windstrenght, shifts, land effects etc etc and is working according to ISAF rules of sailing.

Team Redan of course already competes in this game for several years and with success: nr 1 in theNetherlandsand nr 200 world wide (53.000 skippers) as result.

From now on we will sail in Dyneema, Lancelin, Rake Rigging outfit with a touch of Team Redan elements.Lot’s of online (90% is also fanatic real sailors) will see the Dyneema logo’s. This will create a lot of Brand Awareness and will for sure result in additional sales.

It was not an easy job to engineer and build the “Lancelin Dyneema” boat. Therefore we would like to thank our friend and  chief engineer Jose “Polar Bear” and media guider Andy “Camster” for their contribution to the project.

 Please have a look at the embedded movie and please join us in the VSK regatta’s !

Team Redan is looking for followers in the Dyneema Experience. Please click on the follow below and press the follow button




One Response to “Team Redan introduces: Team “Lancelin Dyneema””

  1. Jan Bart 27 September 2011 at 21:04 #

    Hey jongens,
    Ik lees altijd met veel plezier jullie blog.
    Maar voor die overwinning in de ORC- Club competitie zullen jullie toch nog even serieus je best moeten doen in Hindeloopen.
    Naar verluid vertrekt er woensdagochtend zeer vroeg een J35 vanuit Hellevoetsluis richting Friesland en één keer raden wat die van plan is…

    Jan Bart

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