Answer to the 1e Challenge @Dyneema Experience

9 May

Freedom is setting sail and enjoying the forces of nature. Freedom is having fun with the team, contributing and expressing yourself as you feel appropriate.  Freedom is celebrating successes among friends. This freedom can really be enjoyed when you are sure you can trust on the competence and commitment of your team, the seaworthiness of your boat and the quality of the materials. Dyneema ropes give us this certainty of seaworthiness and the option to safely stretch team and boat to the limit.

We tried to catch the Team’s feeling of Freedom, Enjoyment and Material Demand in this movie.


One Response to “Answer to the 1e Challenge @Dyneema Experience”

  1. Oscar Sijtsma 18 May 2011 at 12:24 #

    freedom and trust . . . important values
    good talking Mark !!
    proud to be part Team Redan

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