Dyneema Experience: Team Redan SELECTED !

20 Mar

Since its launch the “Dyneema Experience” was the talk of the day in the Dutch sailing community.  It got publicity in internet sailing magazines like Zilt and on various internet sailing blogs.  The list of Dutch competitors looked like the Who is Who in Dutch sailing.  Team Redan entered the Dyneema Experience like we enter a sailing race:  with the 2 objectives: 1 to win and 2 to have fun.

Like in a sailing race preparing the tactics was crucial. You don’t win a race by just enlisting. All team members actively looked for followers among their friends and colleagues.  It helped to get us on the top of the list of boats with most followers, but that was not yet distinguishing enough.  In all our race briefings on our blog and video reports on you tube we mentioned the Dyneema Experience.  Out of the video Reports Team Redan´s Bowman and communications manager Mark composed a Dyneema Experience Promotion Video (http://iturl.nl/snhX1)     that was watched over 1200 times on You Tube and was a You Tube awards winning sports video. This video was the first hit on Google when you searched for Dyneema Experience even before the official Dyneema video!  We introduced Buneema our new Dyneema mascot! A 95 kg pink Rabbit with also some tactical skills ;). 

Team Redan was active on Facebook, Twitter and sailing sites and blogs all over the world.  All this activity also boosted the traffic on our blog. We now have more than 1000 hits per week! And like a race in a regatta, you know when you have done well. Nevertheless we thrilled when we were officially confirmed to be selected on Thursday March 17th. We are happy to see all these efforts paid off.  The price: all our running rigging will be replaced by top of the line Dyneema roping !

We like to thank all off our followers (an awesome 283 !) and supporters, among which many followers off the competing teams! Team Redan wishes all the selected Teams the best of luck and a Lot of fun in the 2e episode of the Dyneema Experience.

Early in the competition we decided that when we would win the Dyneema Experience we would like the Redan to be fitted with the Top Dyneema brand of ´Lancelin´ by the top Dutch rigger `Rake Rigging`. Saturday March 19th Team Redan members Hein and Gerhard visited Michel de Nijs and Pieter Kok of Rake Rigging in their well equipped workshop in Medemblik. We were impressed by the knowledge and experience these men from Rake Rigging brought forward.  After we finish our winter competition for the `IJspegel Trophy` in Scheveningen we will sail the Redan to Medemblik to have her treated with the best of professional rigging we could find. We can’t wait for the results and the results it will bring to us!

Finally Team Redan would like to THANK DSM Dyneema for this great contest and great opportunity to win these awesome prizes. The nature of the competition (social media) already brought us a lot of international friends. It is really good to see that the Sailing Spirit is so positive world wide.

We Will Be Back with more news 😉

Thanks all for your Support !!


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