Dyneema Expierence: applications close . . .

5 Mar

It is 4 March 2011 23:59, it is cold and foggy in the Netherlands. Applications for the selection of the Dyneema Experience Team close in one minute and the selection board will crack the nut:  which 40 teams will be selected as Test Member for the Dyneema Experience Team?  The verdict will be given 17 March. 

Team Redan hopes to be selected and . . . why not? We went Deep and supported our bid with all evidence we can to prove we are one of the Teams to be supported.

With many thanks to one of the contestants: Tucker Bradford  (10th) there is a list available of the top 40 followers within the dyneema Experience  at:


More than 280 followers will surely put us on top of the follower ranking list

  • We introduced our own promotion movie: (award winning. + 1100 views) positioned as first result in search term “dyneema experience” in you tube
  • We published the “Team Redan for Dyneema Experience” footprint (search Google / images “Dyneema Experience” and view nr 1 and 3 result)
  • Google “Dyneema Experience” and click the first result.
  • Buneema our little 95 kg pink Rabbit and Mascot don’t need further comment ;))
  • Our fun, drive, dedication can be seen at the Team Redan blog teamredan.wordpress.com
  • We compete but . . . we compete with a (s)mile !

  So we hope for the best and dream of the rest 😉

In parallel we are preparing Redan and the team for the 2011 season. Internet / social media is fun but: get WET and go FAST in the right DIRECTION is the real thing.



We will keep you all updated, Good Winds All

 Team Redan

One Response to “Dyneema Expierence: applications close . . .”

  1. Aernoudt - BBWSR 7 March 2011 at 10:01 #


    Geweldig gemaakt filmpje 🙂 Als er in dit team geen goede sfeer meer zit, dan gaat het nergens meer goedkomen!
    En hoewel het nog geen 17 Maart is, denk ik dat Team Redan al te feliciteren is gezien het grote aantal stemmen 🙂


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