Dyneema Experience ! we started

28 Jan

Good Day all,

At this moment we have 139 Followers for the DE and growing every hour. Thanks all for supporting Team Redan ! Hihaagh and . . . keep up the good work. At the moment i believe we are in top 3 worldwide in followers and social media presence (facebook and twitter).

Today Team Redan posted it’s fingerprint for the rest of the campaign ūüôā

Since we have ca 13 dedicated Team members we have 130 Fingers so . .. more to come. In HD video as well as pictures and written stories from inside the Dutch competitive, challenging and  fair ORC2 competition.

Please support us Team Redan : http://www.dyneemaexperience.com/profile/redan.htm and press the red follow me button.

We have a lot of  followers at the moment  but the competition will continue for 4 more weeks. We will keep you updated in the next week. Please do not forget to vote in our poll (peiling) at https://teamredan.wordpress.com/poll-dyneema-exp/

Next Sunday we will race at the IJspegel Trophy on the North Sea. Excellent conditions are predicted. 10 -15 knts TWS, 0.5 mtr waves.¬†Sunny and between¬†0 and 3 ‘C.¬†We are looking foreward to the battle with the Farr 40, Swan 45, Melges32, First 35’s, IMX38, Beluga 40, J-109’s, Dehler¬†36 etc. Quite an impressive field and we hope to keep our nr 1 postion (after 9 races).

Maintenance has been performed: infucker is repaired (by ing Gerhard) and also the meter (by her docter ing Nijs) see pictures (You can hire mr dr ing Nijs for 178 Euro per hour (excl travel and lodging):








The Team is:

  • Hein¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Helmsman and Skipper
    Maarten   Mainsail
  • Peter¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Trim (Geni and Spi)
    Ton          Trim (Geni and Spi (starboard) )
    Koen        Pit
    Mark  H     Bowman
    Peet         Mastman
    Gerhard   Tacci & Team Captain
    Mark V    Media man (knee problems)

Results will be posted Sunday evening ca 19:00 at http://IJspegel.com

  • ¬†Greetings,

Team Redan



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