De Duitse Dehlers

1 Jul

Dehler | Racing Crew are testing the Dehler 32 RS and 35RS

Hieronder informatie over 2 Dehlers die we waarschijnlijk tegenkomen tijdens het WK. Een beetje googlen leert dat het profesionele teams zijn  die al jaren meedraaien in de top van het IMS ORC circuit

“We want to show the potential of our new Dehler-Yachts on the race course”, Dehler-managing director Ralf Tapken pointed out several weeks ago, therefore we have built two boats for racing, and we will provide them to German and international sailing crews. Beside races in Germany and Sweden (Gotland Runt) as well the boats shall start in Holland. Dehler built one Dehler 32 and a 35 supplied with the racing package. The addition RS behind the type designation names the boat as ready to race”.

Both will sail the North sea Week and Kiel Week, where the International German Championships are sailed. The Dehler 35 RS “Hochwürden” is crewed by Detlef Amlong and his crew of “Froschkönig”. The 32 RS by Jürgen Klinghardt and his “pantent”-Team.

Both teams tested their boats now near HanseGroup Greifswald yard facilities and both had been surprised by the potential. And they handed us a long improvement-list. That will be prosecuted the next days. Than the yachts will be measured and delivered to Cuxhaven at the North sea coast. First race will be at the 21 st of Mai. We wish the crews and ourselves good luck and good results!



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